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Can you use fertility awareness for birth control?


Jess Dzierbicki, founder of Charting with Jess, shares how to use fertility awareness for natural birth control.

Jess goes over the basics of fertility awareness... how to read your cervical fluid (and whether it's fertile or not) throughout your cycle plus using your waking body temperature to confirm ovulation.

In case it sounds confusing, Jess offers ways to connect for learning how to read your body's signals with confidence.

Jess also talks about your period and the moon phase, how to support your body when you're coming off "the pill" (or other forms of birth control), and even how to plan your month around your cycle (predicting when you're most energetic and most outgoing/in full take on the world mode).

Check out her bio below, and connect with Jess on her website.

Here's a link to follow her on IG.

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Jess's Bio:

Jess Dzierbicki is a certified Fertility Awareness Instructor with the Natural Family Planning Teachers Association (NFPTA), teaching the Sympto-Thermal Method.

Jess created Charting with Jess to teach women how to quit hormonal birth control and instead use a natural approach to contraception.

Jess is obsessed with women’s hormones and loves to help women from all walks of life see the amazing changes that happen once they quit hormonal birth control.

She understands how overwhelming it can be when first discovering this information and ensures her clients feel supported, empowered, safe, and secure while learning this method.

After working with Jess, you will have a deeper understanding of not only your menstrual cycle but also how these cyclical hormonal changes affect your physical, mental, and emotional health each month.

Jess is based in Melbourne, Australia and she holds consults online with people all around the world.

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