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Birth Control, Green Plasma, and Autoimmune Disease

Hormonal birth control's vast effects on your health, wellbeing, & future fertility

In this podcast episode, Mike Gaskins shares the dark history of the approval of hormonal birth control here in the US along with this... hormonal birth control affects every organ and every system within your body.

Find the youtube video here for the interview "the history and health risks of hormonal birth control"

If you're using a hormonal IUD or intravaginal ring with the false belief that these provide "localized" hormones, that's a myth.

Your reproductive hormone cascade starts in your brain every cycle, not your ovaries (or uterus or vagina), and those synthetic hormones are making their way into your bloodstream regardless of how they're getting into your body (oral contraceptives, depot shot, IUD, or intra-vaginal ring).

In this episode, we're going beyond the things your doc might have mentioned like hormonal birth control increases your risk of:

  • stroke
  • heart attack
  • blood clots
  • breast cancer

and talking about why you're more likely to develop an autoimmune condition while taking hormonal birth control.

We're also talking about the difference between the FDA approval process back in the 1960s when birth control was first approved for the market and the approval process today... spoiler, birth control's grandfathered into that outdated approval system.

Why do I have such a beef with birth control?

Because it's the single biggest endocrine disruptor you're exposing your body to every single day.

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Bio:  Mike Gaskins is an author and media producer who began his journey as a women’s health advocate after a world-renowned physician lied to him about birth control side effects. This chance encounter triggered a passion for research that led Mike to discover many shocking levels of deceit and misinformation surrounding these potent drugs.

He recently collaborated with a group of leading physicians and women’s health
advocates on a citizen’s petition to the FDA asking for new and stronger black box
warnings on all hormonal contraceptives.

He frequently writes for websites like Hormones Matter and Natural Womanhood,
and his book, In the Name of The Pill explores the dubious nature of both the
history and science of hormonal birth control.

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